The National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA), allows each division I baseball program 13 scholarships and 10 scholarships in Division II. No athletic scholarships are given in Division III. For Women’s basketball 15 Scholarships are offered in Division I and 10 in Division II.

Basketball is classed as a “head count” sport which basically means that the sports scholarships that are offered are “full Ride”. There are 329 division I and 290 division II institutions that provide men’s basketball scholarships. There are also 328 division I schools and 291 division II schools that offer women’s scholarships.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics division I colleges can offer a maximum of eleven scholarships and in division II no more than 6 can be offered. Unlike the NCAA these do not have to be full ride scholarships.

The National Junior College Athletic Association can offer sixteen scholarships per college. That’s sixteen for women as well as sixteen for men. These are full-ride but individual institutions can offer partial grants. There are 209 division I and 123 division II colleges that offer basketball scholarships for men. For women’s basketball there are 181 division I and 126 division II colleges. Each college can only grant sixteen scholarships in total.