The National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA), allows each division I golf program 4.5 scholarships and 3.6 scholarships in Division II. For women there are six scholarships on offer in division I and 5.4 in division II. No athletic scholarships are offered in Division III.

There are 290 Div. I and 199 Div. II schools that offer men’s golf scholarships and for women there are 228 Div. I and 109 Div. II schools that offer scholarships.

Golf is classed as an equivalency sport which gives the coach the opportunity to divide his scholarships between a larger number of players.

There are 172 member colleges of the National association of Intercollegiate athletics (NAIA) that offer golf scholarships.

Golf at junior college level is played in all 3 divisions for men and in Div. I only for women. Athletic scholarships are only offered at division I and II level.

The National Junior College Athletic Association allows eight scholarships per college. These are full-ride scholarships but individual schools can offer partial scholarships. There are thirty five Div. I and eighty four division II Community Colleges that offer golf scholarships for men. There are sixty five Div. 1 schools that offer scholarships to women.

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