Your a high school softball player and you are probably very good, probably the best at your school, well here is a news flash. Unless you are in the top 5%, or elite category, don’t expect the coaches to come knocking at your door.If you want to be recruited, especially at community college level, you have to make it happen. You have to contact the coaches and let them know who you are and what you have to offer their sports program.

NJCAA softball is played in all 3 divisions but athletic scholarships are only offered at division 1 and 2 level.

The NJCAA allows 24 scholarships per school. These are full-ride but individual schools can offer partial grants in aid. Top players tend to receive the best offers. There are 148 division 1 and 122 division 11 colleges that offer financial aid. Each school can only offer 24 softball scholarships in total, unlike the NCAA they cannot offer a larger number of at a lower percentage.

Community college coaches do not have the big athletic budgets that NCAA coaches have so they cant actively recruit or hire scouts. Many JC coaches don’t allocate all of their recruiting budget each year simply because they were not approached by suitable athletes. We will prepare a detailed athletic resume on your behalf and have it addressed and delivered to the head softball coach at every junior college in the country giving you the best possible chance of being recruited.

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