The National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA), permits each division I swimming program 9.9 scholarships and 8.1 scholarships in Division II. For women’s swimming there are 14 scholarships available in division I and 8.1 in division II. No athletic scholarships are given in Division III.

There are 142 Div. I and 50 Div. II schools that offer swimming scholarships to Men. There are 185 Div. I and 64 Div. II colleges that offer swimming scholarships to women. swimming is classed as an equivalency sport which allows the coach the opportunity to divide the scholarships between a larger number of swimmers.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics now has only 24 sponsored women’s teams and 18 sponsored men’s teams.

The NAIA has extended the date for maintaining swimming and diving as a championship sport until 2016. The sport is still list for evaluation in 2011.

The National Junior College Athletic Association allows fifteen athletic scholarships per college for both women and men. These are full-ride scholarships but some institutions offer partial grants in aid.

Junior colleges can only offer fifteen swimming and diving scholarships per institution, unlike the NCAA JUCO schools cant offer a larger number of grants at a lower percentage.

Swimmers who are capable of contributing and competing in several strokes and events are sought after more than one or two event specialists. Versatility is the name of the game and is highly prized by smaller schools that struggle to fill lanes during dual meets.