Finding the opportunity for a college wrestling scholarship comes down to finding the right college program and division level for you. There are opportunities to wrestle at the NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA levels with a total of 304 college wrestling programs.

Wrestling scholarships go to those who are getting results.

If you think you are good enough to be a scholarship wrestler you need to be able to get quarterfinal, semifinal and championship results at the conference, regional and national championship. If you are good enough to wrestle DI but can win championships at the DII level your best opportunity for a scholarship will be at the DII level.

Facts about wrestling recruiting:

Most wrestling scholarships are partial scholarships, meaning you will have to pay for some portion of your education.
Per team there are 9.9 scholarships at the DI level, 9 per team for DII programs, 8 for NAIA programs and up to 16 scholarships for NJCAA programs.

It’s all about the numbers, with over 30+ wrestlers on your average college team you could be one of the best in your conference and still not receive much or any scholarship money if your team is stacked.

Wrestling coaches won’t find you unless…

Wrestling programs are chronically underfunded. College coaches don’t have the money to travel the country and find every potential recruit. It is up to you to make up the difference and actively promote yourself to coaches. Getting together your resume with your results, video and future competitions can ensure coaches get the opportunity to learn about you.

Good enough isn’t always good enough.

You need to be willing to look at 25 or more different universities across several division levels to find the right fit. Just because you are a good wrestler at 141lbs doesn’t mean your dream school has a scholarship for you. Unless your talents match up with a wrestling programs needs you won’t always get the offer you think you should from each program.

Hard work is a prerequisite for a wrestling scholarship.

Some wrestlers can get by at the high school and prep level on their natural ability and a little bit of hard work. To find success and ultimately scholarship money at the college level working hard is a must. Coaches don’t have time and will take scholarships away from wrestlers that aren’t working hard and aren’t producing results. Being a scholarship wrestler can be the most demanding and rewarding period in your life.